The Affichrom’ team presented a Poster at PEGS Europe 2021

Barcelona, Spain, 2021
The Affichrom’ team were happy to present the Affichrom’ Business Unit at the PEGS Europe Congress 2021 in Barcelona with a poster entitled “Affinity Separation powered by Nanofitins®”.

Affinity separation is a powerful tool for purification of biological molecules based on the specific interaction between an affinity ligand and the product to purify, allowing its selective capture from crude broth. Despite a strong interest from manufacturers for this technology to reduce the number of process steps and increase the final yields, its implementation remains mainly limited to protein A resins for antibody purification. The two major reasons for that are i) the availability of product’s custom ligands with expected selectivity and efficient release developed in a relevant timeframe, and ii) the transposition from lab scale into industrial scale, requiring the scale up and validation of the affinity chromatography material in compliance with defined quality requirements. Here we demonstrate the effectiveness of the affinity chromatography powered with Nanofitins® to purify the GAS25 antigen for the Group A streptococcus vaccines in a relevant industrial setup performed at GSK. Nanofitins® are non-antibody proteins that can be used as affinity ligands selected for their (i) specificity to capture only product of interest and ensure high purity, (ii) appropriate affinity to allow elution under target-compatible conditions, and (iii) high stability for conserved performance after multiple column regenerations. Compared to the actual GAS25 process, capture steps are reduced from 3 to 1, providing even higher purity and even up to doubling final yield. The same approach can be applied efficiently to other bio-molecules thanks to the Nanofitin-based® platform (Affichrom®) consisting in tailor-made affinity chromatography columns, and the straightforward scale up approach that has been established.

GSK presented the latest DiViNe results at the World Vaccine Congress Europe 2019

The DiViNe partners decided to share some results on another vaccine from the project, the viral protein GAS25.

Affilogic discovered Nanofitins® against such protein and the best ligands candidates were characterized and successfully conjugated to resin beads. The affinity columns were tested by GSK in comparison with their current GAS25 purification process.

Updated results presented by GSK at the World Vaccine Congress Europe 2018

The DiViNe consortium decided to share again the latest results obtained throughout the DiViNe project at the World Vaccines Congress Europe in the “Bioprocessing and Manufacturing” sessions.

Affilogic participated to the round table: “New Ways Of “Universalizing” Vaccine Production: The DiViNe Project” and GSK presented “DiViNe Project – Affinity Chromatography For Vaccines Purification” with some updates on the Nanofitins® directed against CRM197.

Affilogic made a presentation at the World Vaccine Congress 2017

Barcelona, Spain, October 2017
Dr. Anne Chevrel, R&D Project Manager at Affilogic, made a presentation at the last World Vaccines Congress in Barcelona, entitled “Innovative affinity chromatography platform for streamlined purification of vaccines at reduced costs and lower environmental footprint”.

This presentation showed the progresses of Affilogic and its Divine partners, Aquaporin, GenIbet, GSK, iBet and Merck, in the development of an affinity chromatography platform using specific Nanofitins® and Aquaporin membranes. This innovative affinitychromatography platform outperforms the current vaccines purification process by reducing the number of downstream operations and reducing product loss.

The first family of vaccines being the glycoconjugates vaccines, Nanofitins® directed against CRM197 (carrier protein for glycoconjugates vaccines) have been discovered, identified, characterized and successfully conjugated to resin. Dynamic binding experiments have been realized, and a pilot scale using Hollow Fiber Forward Osmosis showed a water recovery using forward osmosis of 90% in 30 minutes.

Affilogic presented a Poster at the World Vaccine Congress Europe 2016

poster divine

Barcelona, Spain, 2016
The DiViNe partners were happy to communicate the first results of the project at the World Vaccines Congress Europe 2016 in Barcelona with a poster entitled “Vaccines purification by affinity chromatography with Nanofitin ligands: demonstration with glycoconjugates”.

This poster explains why the DiViNe approach and the use of affinity chromatography with custom-designed specific Nanofitins will enable to improve the current vaccines purification process by reducing the number of downstream operations and reducing product loss.
The partners are developing a flexible Nanofitin-based platform for vaccines purification and it is illustrated on the poster with the first family of vaccines i.e. the glycoconjugate vaccines. We describe discovery and identification of Nanofitins directed against the CRM197 carrier protein, as well as their conjugation to resin.

Affilogic supported by the European Commission to purify vaccines with Nanofitins®

Started on March 1st 2015, the DiViNe project gathers 6 partners to start a new area in vaccine purification, with a €5.8 million financial support from the European Union through Horizon 2020.  

The partners will adopt affinity chromatography, a potent way to separate one active compound from its environment almost exclusively used for purification of monoclonal antibodies with protein A. Nanofitins® bear all the features to extend affinity chromatography for purification of most biologics starting with vaccines: tailored affinity and elution parameters, easy conjugation to resins, low cost-of-goods… Merck Millipore will develop Nanofitin®-based chromatographic materials and GSK will provide vaccines for purification.
Through such demonstration on vaccines, the DiViNe consortium will establish a sustainable platform to design affordable, industry-compliant and environment-friendly purification processes for other complex biological drugs, such as recombinant proteins and blood products.