Partnering Strategy

Affilogic works in close collaboration with its partners, to obtain tailor-made affinity columns based on features of the product to purify, through generation of custom ligands and successful preparation of small-scale columns meeting partners’ needs. The aim is to tackle technical and performance issues of our partners and obtain higher purification yields at affordable costs.

We can propose to our partners an end-to-end approach from target to column.

After successful evaluation of the small-scale Affichrom’ columns by the partner, further development can be proposed in partnership with renowned commercial-grade resin suppliers.

Affilogic has exclusive and worldwide rights to the Nanofitins® technology from the Pasteur Institute and the CNRS. We grant to our partners the right to use our Nanofitins® through built-in rights along with resin purchase or via flexible license agreements depending on their needs.


More affinity with Affilogic?

Contact: Ms Julie JOUAN
Business Development Manager

Collaborative Research Program

DiViNe was a real-life demonstration of the concept of affinity chromatography for vaccines purification. The consortium was exactly structured with the requested elements of a value chain for design, development, validation and commercialization of custom downstream processing products, combined with the market understanding of a major end-user :  Merck KGaA (Germany), GSK (Italy), the Institute of Experimental Biology and Technology (Portugal), GenIbet Biopharmaceuticals (Portugal) and Aquaporin (Denmark).

Merck Millipore (Germany) has developed Nanofitin®-based chromatographic materials and GSK (Italy) has provided vaccines for purification. Through such demonstration on vaccines, the DiViNe consortium has established a sustainable platform to design affordable, industry-compliant and environment-friendly purification processes for other complex biological drugs, such as recombinant proteins and blood products.

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